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27 - 30 April 2016

Dubrovnik Tourism capital for the week-end!

Lazareti Complex

In the past Dubrovnik was a crossroads of caravan routes as it was one of the most popular and important trade ports on the Mediterranean Sea. In great danger of contracting the plague, the people of Dubrovnik built lazarettos which served as isolation hospitals. Visitors from pestiferous and suspicious areas according to the regulation from 1377 were forbidden to enter Dubrovnik and its surroundings and had to spend 40 days in quarantine.

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This stone complex which was completed in 1642 and is situated on the Eastern entrance to the City, Ploce Gate, had a great importance throughout history. In the 17th century the Dubrovnik Lazareti were the largest commercial transit center on the Adriatic and one of the best organized quarantines on the Mediterranean.

The great importance of this complex, consisting of 10 buildings and 5 terraces, continues to exist even after the fall of the Dubrovnik Republic in 1808. In the most recent years the Lazarreto was home to cultural associations and was also used as a public area for gathering the citizens of Dubrovnik.

Since it has been excellently preserved only some basic renovation was needed to transform this venue into a modern culture & congress center which has certainly added to the offer of Dubrovnik as an event & congress destination.
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