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27 - 30 April 2016

Dubrovnik Tourism capital for the week-end!

Tourism is a journey: a journey through history, geography and cultures. We travel to discover, observe, experience and dream. The word "tourism" was invented in Europe, the birthplace of the first tourism trends.

Today, the tourism industry is one of the drivers of our economy.
With the wide variety of activities and professions it offers. It is poised to become the world's number one economic activity,

All these questions, which are key to a European approach and strategy, will be raised in Dubrovnik from 27th - 30th April during the Tourism and Strategy Festival for European cities.

Dubrovnik will become a genuine tourism capital for the weekend; a place where professionals and members of the public can interact through a host of initiatives and unmissable events.


  • Bring european cities together in Dubrovnik for a weekend
  • Reward ambitious tourism strategies
  • Ask questions about the future and what strategies to implement: what future for tourism?
  • Celebrate European tourism in Dubrovnik.

2 streams

A business stream:

  • Conference and Speed Business
  • Competition to evaluate which cities have the best tourism promotion strategies in 6 separate categories, with an awards presentation

A public stream:

The European Tourism Fair in Lazareti will bring together all of the key players in European tourism.
Gastronomy, tradition, customs, festivals, decoration, home improvement, creative arts, table art and the flavours of Europe are all on the menu.

An event dedicated to professionals


Time to award the European Tourism Stars. Each participating country will enter the tourism promotion activities of one or two chosen cities into the competition.
European cities have been invited to present their tourism promotion campaigns in one or more of the 6 official competition categories.

  • Best Range of Print Media Award
  • Best Audiovisual Media Award
  • Best Digital Media Award
  • Best Events Strategy Award
  • Best Range of Spin-off Products Award
  • Best Future Heritage Award - for the best contemporary achievement in creating future cultural heritage

The jury will be made up of tourism experts who will evaluate the strategy in each of these categories. One award will be presented in each category.

+385 20 351-709
+385 20 638 219
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